It is announced that the call for registrations to ERACOM MSc program will open at 20 February 2016

Selection process and criteria

1. The candidate selection process must be completed by 25 September.

2. Selection takes place on the basis of the total number of points that emerge from taking account of the criteria set out in Article 4(1a) of Law 3685/2008, as follows:

a) General degree grade, multiplied by 2.5 (maximum of 25 points).

b) Previous research activity or participation in educational programmes for student mobility that are related to the field of specification of the ERACOM is awarded a maximum of 10 points.

c) Any professional experience receives from one (1) to five (5) points, accordingly.

d) The certified knowledge of a second foreign language receives five (5) points. In the case of aliens, the mother tongue is taken into account in regard to the second foreign language.

e) Holding of a second degree receives five (5) points.

f) Holding of any other postgraduate title receives five (5) points.

g) Performance in the undergraduate dissertation is multiplied by 1.5 (maximum of 15 points).

h) The grade of the oral interview is multiplied by 3 (maximum of 30 points).

The oral interview is graded from one (1) to ten (10) points.

3. The selection of entrants is made by a special committee of professors of the collaborating Departments, which is formed by decision of the Coordinating Body. The table of successful entrants is validated by the Coordinating Body.

4. In the case of a point tie, all tying candidates are admitted.

5. Apart from the number of entrants, one (1) scholar of the State Scholarships Foundation (IKY) who passed the related examination of domestic postgraduate studies in the discipline of the master program and one (1) foreign scholar of the Greek State are also admitted. By decision of the Coordinating body, the number of scholars may be increased.


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