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Basile Michaelidis, Professor (Course, ERACOM A5)

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Basile Michaelidis is Professor in Department of Zoology, Laboratory of Animal Physiology, School of Biology, Faculty of Science, A.U.Th. His research is focused on the ecophysiology of marine organisms including the farmed mussels and fish. In particular he studies the biochemical and physiological responses of animals to changes of environmental factors. Especially in the context of climate changes and global warming the studies are focused on the response of marine bivalves and fish to thermal stress and to ocean acidification. The goal of his research is to illustrate the physiological and biochemical changes taking place in marine animals as a response to increase of ambient temperature and CO2. Thus laboratory and field studies are carrying out in order to illustrate how marine organisms respond to environmental changes. He teaches under-graduate and graduate courses on Animal Physiology and Comparative and Environmental Physiology.



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