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Theodore Karacostas, Professor (Course, ERACOM B5)

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Thedore Karacostas is Professor of Dynamic Meteorology, Weather Modification and Climatic Change and he is the Director of the Department of Meteorology and Climatology, A.U.Th. He has more than 35 years of consistent research and teaching activities, as well as administrative skills. His main research activities include: synoptic and dynamic meteorology, extreme weather events, weather modification and climatic change. He has served as a consultant/member in several Ministries (Greece, Italy and Canada), International Organizations (WMO, ECMWF, IAMAS, IAPSO, IDNDR) and scientific committees (IPCC, WMO, UNEP) on extreme weather events, weather modification and climatic change. Professor Karacostas has designed the Greek National Hail Suppression Program [1983-84] and served as a Scientific Coordinator of it [1984-88]. He has also served as (i) member/consultant of the Scientific and Advisory International Committeefor Rain Enhancement Projectin SouthItaly [1991-1999], Ministry of Agriculture, Italy and (ii) external Advisor-Reviewer on Weather Modification for the Ministry of Development, Alberta, Canada [1996-98]. He was a member of the WMO 14-member expertise committee for weather modification activities, and particularly for hail suppression research and development: reports 1995 South Africa and 2003 NalchikRussia. He was the national representative on the 29th IPCC meeting (2008) in Switzerland.



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