It is announced that the call for registrations to ERACOM MSc program will open at 20 February 2016

Fees and funding


As a postgraduate student you will be required to pay tuition fees to the University, which cover all three semesters of ERACOM M.Sc. program and amount to 5.500 . Your tuition fees will cover the cost of your study at the University as well as charges for registration, tuition, supervision, examinations and graduation. Payment of fees will also entitle you to membership of the University Student Club, the Library and Information Center , the University Gym and the camp of Aristotle UniversityAlso, the tuition fees cover travel costs to the USA and Italy and four nights accommodation in order that they can attend courses C-1- C4 (C1 and C2 in Italy and C3 and C4 in North Carolina, USA).



The Aristotle University of Thessaloniki has been providing financial support to students in need since the academic year 2005-2006. The Student Support Fund was established by the University's Senate Decision (no. 2771/31-08-2005), with the aim to provide moral and financial support to students, and cover extraordinary expenses that can not be met by students themselves. 
However, several opportunities for funding are available, both for European and non-European students. European students (native students of the 27 European countries as well as countries in accession) can take advantage from the ERASMUS/SOCRATES exchange Program. The Program covers partially their expenses of transportation and accommodation. Students that wish to work for their Thesis of Specialization in an academic or research Institution in one of the 27 European countries can also benefit from the Program ERASMUS/TRAINING, widely covering their expenses of stay in the country of choice.
In Greece, the Ministry of Education, the State Scholarships Foundation and the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and Onassis Foundation offer a number of scholarships to students originating from developing countries to follow their studies in Greece. The National Scholarships’ Foundation (ΙΚΥ) is yet another popular choice. Founded in 1851 provides scholarships to many talented and motivated Greek students in order to fund their studies in Greece or abroad.
Respectively the Cyprus State Scholarship Foundation provides scholarships for studies in under- and postgraduate level. In addition, USA and Greek Embassies offer a number of scholarships for students willing to attempt studies in USA or Greece. The students accepted to ERAEMCR are eligible for all the scholarships mentioned above. There are also many scholarships coming from bequests. This is a particular way of scholarships through which wealthy people provide part or the total amount of their fortunes to support students of every grade starting from primary school until the final thesis dissertation. The majority of bequests although is awarded mainly for under- and postgraduate university studies. Each bequest identifies the place where the studies will occur and also some special terms in order to be acquired, whether via application of the necessary documentation or after examination of specific courses.
The Academy of Athens ( has the legal status of a Legal Entity of Public Law and is supervised by the Ministry of National Education and Religion. Its operation is governed by its Founding Charter 4398/1929, which ratified the Constitutional Decree of March 18th 1926 concerning the Regulations of the Academy of Athens. According to its Regulations, the Academy is composed of three Sections: the Sciences, Humanities and Fine Arts, and Ethical and Political Sciences. The main purpose of the Academy of Athens is the cultivation and advancement of the Sciences, Humanities and Fine Arts, the conduct of scientific research and study, and the offer of learned advices to the state in these areas. In the pursuit of these objectives, the Academy of Athens supports scientific research, participates in international scientific organisations, carries out publications, grants scholarships, and confers awards and honorary distinctions. Currently there are 13 Research Centers and 10 Research Offices in operation, all with specialized libraries, as well as a central Library named the "Ioannis Sykoutris Library". Since 2002 the Academy has supervised the Foundation of Medical and Biological Research.
The Fulbright Foundation in Greece ( offers scholarships to Greek and American citizens – students, teachers, scholars, and artists – to pursue a wide variety of educational projects. The Foundation awards grants to Greek and US citizens to study, teach, lecture, or conduct research in the United States and Greece respectively. The Fulbright Foundation in Greece operates Educational Advising Centers in Athens and Thessaloniki, where experts offer free, comprehensive information on American institutions of higher learning. Visitors to the Centers can learn about all aspects of studying at an American university: fields of study, kinds of programs, admissions procedures. They may then apply to schools most suitable to their educational goals and needs, while enjoying greater chances for admission. To find out more about the Fulbright Foundation in Greece – scholarships and programs offered, grant information and eligibility requirements – please explore the website. 
Further information over bequests can be found at the site of General Secretariat for Youth. In addition, the table of all the bequests and more information are available for anyone interested at the Scholarships’ and Bequests’ Section of the Ministry of Education, Lifelong Learning and Religious Affairs (Mitropoleos 15, Athens, tel.: (+30) 210-3246057).
The Latsis Foundations provides a limited number of scholarships as well to Greeks from Ilias county. DAAD (Deutscher Akademischer Austausch Dienst/ German Agency for Academic Exchanges) is a linkage between Greek universities and German colleges. Operates as a mean to organize the cultural and scientific outer policy and promotes the international exchange of students and scientists. Each year provides scholarships for studies in Germany in various sections. For most of the above scholarships, the application must be submitted about six months before the begging of the courses. Therefore, candidates must send the official applications to the ERACOM Secretariat to get a provisional acceptance provided they meet the criteria for acceptance in the M.Sc. Program.
How to pay
The preferred payment method is Direct Debit as it is easy to operate and cheap to administer. The account number and the name of bank for Direct Debit will be annouched soon.                       wwwwww        

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